Azaadi Art & Design was born out of a desire to blend the art form of mehndi into new avenues of art. Its founder and artist, Kimberly Stephens, spent 2 years living in India, where she studied the culture and learned stories of many Indian men and women. Living in the culture naturally led itself to an interest into mehndi. She learned the art and desired to display it in a way that timelessly told of Indian culture while integrating it into a stream of Western art. While in India, Kimberly first applied the mehndi designs to painted canvas, and since then, the art has stemmed into the collection of art known as Azaadi Art & Design.

Mehndi is an art form with deep roots. One root runs straight to the heart of India. The people of India have a beautiful culture and a rich heritage, and the country is home to countless traditions, holidays, and ceremonies. Mehndi stems into many of them, with its stunning and elaborate design. The mehndi powder is organically derived from the leaves of the henna plant and made into a paste.  In Indian culture, it is then applied to the skin for these various ceremonies, predominantly weddings. Each one of these designs is hand painted with the utmost intricacy and patience.